Anonymous: it sucks that you say falling in love was the worst experience you've ever been through.. i hope eventually you feel love again because you'll realize that it isn't the worst thing.


i believe in love, i love love, in any form. Im not saying its the worst thing, Im saying when I was ” in love” it wasnt easy, it hurt, to love someone SO much, its not a good feeling for me , it can easily ruin you, I feel love and just because it didnt work out in a relationship doesnt mean i havent received love. Love isnt just something that happens in a relationship between two people.  Im not focused on hoping to feel love or find love from someone else , what I want is happiness and to feel complete with myself and i wont get that if im trying to give that or get it from a guy, I want it from myself, I want self love and loving things around me instead of putting so much of it into one person.  A regular person that can easily slip and ruin you. 

it doesnt suck, its a learning experience, and i may  ”fall in love” and maybe i wont ever again with someone but either way.  im gonna be just fine , i always am xo

Anonymous: What's your ethnicity?

Jamaican Indian Irish